Post Serpentfall Denizens

A lot of terrible and strange things have crawled up from the earth since the Midgard Serpent killed Europe in 1945. Five years later and things are still changing, especially in the wild areas of the Poisoned Lands and the Drowned Coast.

Fish Man

Fish man

Some sort of hybrid between man and fish, or perhaps just some particularly aggressive fish that managed to be tainted by enough Serpent poison to jump start evolution. They are a constant threat in the Great Lakes, especially Lake Superior – the Mayoralties along the lake keep a vigilant watch for these dangerous predators. They crawl out of the murky depths of the lake at night so as to conceal their numbers, and croak out in broken English one word – Leviathan.

Black Branta

Black branta

Many flocks of these once normal Canadian Geese have fallen victim to the radioactive Serpent blood that fell from the sky since 1945, turning them into fierce giant creatures known now as Black Branta. They are roughly the size of a horse, are extremely temperamental, and their flesh strangely regenerates at an alarming rate. Some survivors, especially in the Drowned Coast, have taken to trying to train these Black Branta to be mounts. A few have actually succeeded.



Hideous, malformed, twisted, miniature men dwelling in mountains and caves, the Dero are tool-using and seem somewhat intelligent. They seem to have only the most malicious intent, especially to those intruders in their mountainous territory. Many mining towns have simply disappeared in the Appalachian Mountains with nary a trace of their existence. What few tracks remain are small and disappear into the very rocks of the mountains.


Gorilla man

Terrible experiments performed by godless Soviet scientists behind the Serpent Curtain have produced fruitful results (some whisper of dark pacts made to gain these results). The most widespread of these experimentations are the Man-Apes, who are often sent on covert missions for Mother Russia across the world. They are dangerous, well-armed, and extremely dangerous – seeing one Man-Ape usually means there’s a squad or platoon nearby.

Post Serpentfall Denizens

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