Government Secrets

Presidents seal eo

What secrets does the vault of President Truman hold? Read on to find out!

It seems the actual treasury of the country was kept in the Fort Knox Secret Gold Depository.

An OSS report from 1942 after training Kuomintang forces in China provides information on the mythical Jade Prophecy of Confucius.

It seems the famed industrialist and inventor Howard Hughes was doing some work for the government on the secret Project Ares.

Even before summoning the Midgard Serpent Nazi Germany had many projects involving mythology. The US government had information regarding one Norse legend in South America called Sign of the Hammer.

Not all that is lost is found, and not all that is found is claimed. In Persia the US government kept a tight lip on the location of the Key to the Peacock Throne.

The secret of the Wendell Smith Expedition to the jungles of western Africa in 1933 was hushed up by the government for the terrible secrets to be uncovered there.

The Duke of Gloucester, Prince Henry, has ties to a mysterious Victorian-era cult explained in the Prince of the Serpent document. Not too scary, except that Prince Henry is now King Henry IX of the British Empire!

Government Secrets

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