The Professional Edges of the Savage Worlds rulebook imply, well, a professional career, past or present. Here’s some examples of how those careers might play out in the world of The Day After Ragnarok.

  • Ace: A former RAF pilot during the War, now flying bush in the Outback; an Amarillo stock-car racer who runs cargoes (and salvaged cars) out of the Poisoned Lands for the thrill of it; a Zambezi river pilot used to dodging crocodiles and shooting whitewater (and the occasional bandit).

Lone survivor

  • Aviator: A stringer for the ONI, flying tramp cargo anywhere from Mosul to Macao; an ophi-tech test pilot for Hughes Aircraft, eager to beat the British into space.
  • Acrobat: An Indian temple dancer, on the run from an arranged marriage back home; a Mohawk “high steel” worker brought West in the Evacuation of ’46; a “grease man” for a criminal ring in France, now seeking new opportunities where the cops don’t speak French.
  • Archaeologist: A University of Chicago scholar, piecing together ancient Mound Builder magic in the Poisoned Lands; an unorthodox archaeologist attached to Rhodes University, looking for pre-human artifacts in the Congo; a freelance tomb raider in chaotic China.
  • Barbarian: A Sioux brave, exiled from the reservation for killing an enemy; a Massongwe “Lord of the Jungle” deep in the Congo, fighting a one-man war against the Belgian (and British) occupiers; a Pennsylvania state cop who escaped with a sword and nothing else when his town got blitzed by Pittsburgh raiders.
  • Champion: A Turkish dervish who battles godless Communism in the name of Allah; a Mormon Son of Dan who kills monsters to help decent folk survive on the frontiers of Utah; a Navajo medicine man who works for the U.S. government because his father was treated well in the Army.
  • Cowboy: A ranch hand in Texas, driving off starving rustlers and electric death-worms alike; an Aboriginal beefdrover in the Outback with connections to both the Royal Army and his tribal magicians; a gaucho on the high pampas of Argentina with little love for the new German owners of the neighboring estancia.
  • Detective: An intuitive “pattern analyst” employed by the Buenos Aires police; a cagy inspector from the Brisbane office of the Commonwealth Investigations Branch.
  • Diplomat: The senior bureaucrat in Chicago’s Federal Building, “showing the flag” in the Poisoned Lands; the Royal Navy’s aviation attaché in Algiers, keeping an eye on the Action Francaise; Venezuela’s consul in Japanese-occupied Shanghai, cut off from his home government and able to act on his own recognizance.
  • Engineer: A wildcat oilman, slant-drilling the Serpent in Morocco; a “book-learned” expert in medieval sieges hired to fortify Murfreesboro, Tennessee against monsters and Nashville.
  • Explorer: A Rhodes University stringer, re-mapping the interior of Africa after the Serpentfall shifted rivers and filled lakes; an Apache scout for the Arizona National Guard, following Dero tunnels wherever they lead; an OSS captain “on detached duty” in Burma encountering lost tribes and hidden cities in Japanese-held Southeast Asia.
  • Gadgeteer: A black-market scrounger on the docks in Capetown, tossed out of Rhodes University for…um…personal reasons; a garage inventor in Dallas with a lifelong dream of going to Mars; a visionary technical genius who defected to Australia from Bulgaria just ahead of the Red Army.
  • Gangster: A would-be warlord squeezed out by his former partners in St. Paul, Minnesota; a Triad underboss in Manila selling guns (and more) to all sides; a racketeer and longshoreman in Belize, dealing with pirates and the Royal Navy.
  • Holy Warrior: A mambo of the Rada rite of Voodoo, fighting zombies in nearly-drowned Haiti; a Presbyterian missionary deep in the Chinese interior, working with the Nationalist resistance and banishing demons he’s never heard of; a Jewish kabbalist rabbi who got out of Lisbon just ahead of Franco’s troops with his notes on ghosts.
  • Investigator: A tough-as-nails P.I. on the mean streets of Los Angeles; an unorthodox archaeologist attached to Rhodes University; a former SIS agent with a lot of contacts in the Middle East.
  • Jack-of-all-Trades: A professor’s daughter from Bombay, spoiled with books and by scholars since infancy; an Australian autodidact with an eidetic memory; a fella in Oregon who touched a glowing meteorite and just “got smart.”
  • Lawman: An ambitious Alderman’s Guardsman working “Little Hell” in Chicago; a keen-eyed Indian Police constable riding circuit in Rajasthan; a cynical French police inspector in Spanish Casablanca shocked – shocked! – to find Gaullist cells operating there.
  • McGyver: A former SOE-trained Maquis saboteur, politically purged in Algeria and looking for a new outlet for her skills; a village mechanic from Zululand who’s never had the right tools; an “improvisational engineer” who works as a railroad company trouble-shooter.
  • Mentalist: A defector from the Soviet psi program, working for SIS now under deep cover; a pilot and playboy trained in a remote Himalayan lamasery; a Hungarian émigré who worked at Los Alamos with a lot of strange radioactive elements.
  • Mr. Fix It: A U.S. Navy carrier air mechanic during the War, now on the beach on half-pay; a born jury-rigger keeping things running (just barely) somewhere in Newfoundland; a Scots engineer on a Pacific tramp steamer.
  • Musician: A big band clarinetist in Rio de Janeiro, rubbing shoulders with swells and spies; a Mississippi bluesman with a hellhound on his trail; a Bollywood playback singer in hock to the Bombay mob; a former Ahnenerbe poet cursed to roam forever; a wandering Appalachian folk singer with a Pow-Wow Book and the Old Songs; a griot in French Senegal acting as a courier for a rebel alliance.
  • Occult Detective: A Seattle bookseller whose twin sister disappeared in a haunted house; a witch-smeller in the Gold Coast; one of “Sir Maxwell’s boys” in MI5, tracking the Daughters of Dionin.
  • Reporter: A gossip writer in Los Angeles with a nose for scandal; a war correspondent beached in the Pacific looking for the big story that’s her ticket home; a crime-scene photographer in Capetown who’s taken more pictures than he tells his boss or the SAP.
  • Sailor: A Tanka “junk person” smuggler working the South China Sea between Japan, the Nationalists, and Manila; a fishing boat captain out of Long Beach who keeps running into bigger fish.
  • Scholar: An émigré Dutch Rhodes University biochemist; a Caltech physicist interested in black magic; a civilian instructor at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, who wants some real-world experience.
  • Soldier: A Royal Indian Army rissaldar patrolling the Afghan border for Soviet infiltrators; a U.S. Marine turned mercenary captain in Memphis; a Foreign Legionnaire who goes on “independent patrols” looking for ancient Egyptian treasure in Africa.
  • Speleo-Herpetologist: A hard-core “belly man” on call in Hereford; a pensioner consulting for Rhodes University and hunting monsters to relax; a security specialist at the ophiurgical labs in Nairobi, secretly glad to be away from the Belly.
  • Thief: A gorgeous cat burglar in glamorous Rio de Janeiro; a “box man” recruited by the SOE during the War, given a pardon, and gone straight as a locksmith; a security expert (former ONI) in San Francisco.
  • Wheelman: A Calcutta cabbie who knows every street by night; a hardbitten trucker who runs dynamite (or anything else) across the Andes for hard silver.
  • Wizard: The Romany seventh son of a seventh son from all over, but mostly from Sydney; a taciturn Finnish sorceress who somehow walked out of the Gulag and into Alaska; a fakir from Calcutta with family enemies in the Congress Party.
  • Woodsman: A Filipino scout and resistance fighter; a “lone wolf” Wyoming monster-hunter; a trained Masai askari.


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