Lloyd "Araby" Schmitt

Former Bank Robber


Pock-marked man of middle age with thick, wild black hair and a sour disposition. Araby generally strives to look respectable, even in these harsh times, and can be a bit fastidious, dressing in the finest suits available and shaving habitually. In order to keep his wits about him, he almost always has a bottle on hand and is just as fast with the drink as he is with his tommy gun.


Growing up dirt poor in rural Indiana, young Lloyd “Araby” Schmidt learnt from a young age to take what he needed without thought. It wasn’t long before he was knocking over banks all over the Midwest, earning his nickname due to his dark hair and penchant for slurring his words when drunk, making him sound foreign. However, in 1938 he was finally arrested and sent to prison in Milwaukee, where he spent the last ten years until the Serpent fell, when he broke out with the rest of the inmates. Unfortunately, his penchant for theft continued and he found himself enslaved after being caught stealing.

Lloyd "Araby" Schmitt

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